Keri Russell will (possibly) be lending her voice to DisneyToon's Planes

I feel that PLANES is an upcoming movie that's been getting a lot of undeserved hate from the internet. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that I love it. No, I haven't seen it, and, no, I may not ever see it, but I think it's fantastic. Why? Because Pixar isn't making it.

To the best of my knowledge, outside of the concept of putting large eyeballs inside of windshields and big mouths somewhere underneath them, I don't think anybody at Pixar has put any creative effort into this project whatsoever, leaving every bit of the work to DisneyToons, and this is wonderful. Hopefully, this movie will make at least $200 million, and it will ensure that, whenever Disney feels like distributing an animated movie that's loosely affiliated with a Pixar franchise, they'll just go ahead and make it themselves, and Pixar can be left to working on projects that are all sorts of original and amazing, like this stuff.

Anyway, an eagle-eyed staffer at Animated Views has taken notice of a change to the movie's IMDb page in which Keri Russell has been added to the cast as "Emo". IMDb isn't the most solid news source (it still lists Jon Cryer on the cast, and he left the project in December), but usually their casting updates have at least some rhyme or reason to them, so I think we can safely say that this is a credible rumor at this point, but that's about it until any official confirmation comes through from either Russell or Disney. It's also certainly possible that Russell has indeed been cast, but as an entirely different character than Emo, such as Grunge, or Shoegazer, or maybe Soul.

Extra Tidbit: If nothing else, I can always give credit to PLANES for serendipitously reminding me of how incredibly cute Keri Russell is.
Source: Animated Views



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