Kevin Smith explains why he's retiring from filmmaking after Hit Somebody

We've all heard the director Kevin Smith was planning on retiring from filmmaking, but the reasons always seemed a little fuzzy.  In this candid interview on Larry King Now on Hulu, the View Askew ringleader gives a rather candid and honest rationale for his reasoning in leaving the world of directing behind.

Check it out:

I like Kevin Smith.  He seems like a really cool guy who has a passion for all things film.  His last few films have been lackluster, but he's got more hits than misses, in my opinion.  It all comes down to whether you dig his blend of comedy.  However, it's kind of refreshing to see someone recognize when they've "tapped out" of a specific schtick and knowing when to move on to other things.  With his AMC show Comic Book Men, the HULU show Spoilers, as well as comedy shows and books, I think Smith will always be a staple in the film business, just in a different way.

Still no word or solid details on when HIT SOMEBODY will start shooting or who will star, but Smith is still maintaining that it will be his last film.  In the meantime, Smith will debut his new animated flick JAY AND SILENT BOB SUPER GROOVY CARTOON MOVIE sometime next year.  More to follow.

Do you agree with Smith's reasons for retiring?

Extra Tidbit: I'd rather see Smith go out with another Jay and Silent Bob movie, personally. I don't see how anyone could top Goon when it comes to comedic hockey movies.



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