Kevin Smith welcomes Joe Manganiello & more to Jay & Silent Bob Reboot cast

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes

It's been well over a decade since Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) last appeared on the big-screen, but the pot-peddling duo will return in the upcoming JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT, which is currently in production. The film will find the pair discovering that Hollywood is making a reboot of Bluntman & Chronic, prompting them to travel across the country in order to stop it from being made all over again. "It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time," Smith has said.

The JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT writer/director/star took to Instagram today with a photo from the set which serves to welcome a handful of new cast-members, including Joe Manganiello (JUSTICE LEAGUE), Frankie Shaw (SMILF), Justin Long (TUSK), and Craig Robinson (HOT TUB TIME MACHINE).


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Here come da’ Judge! @jayandsilentbob had to go to court yesterday with a comedic legal dream team that included a pair of #zackandmirimakeaporno veterans! On the bench was the honorable @mrcraigrobinson, who fought frigid Pittsburgh winter weather with me a decade ago to make a Porno. Speaking of Penguins country, Pittsburgh’s own @deathsaves Dungeon master Mister @joemanganiello was our Bailiff (with producer @jordanmonsanto playing his twin). The creator, star and director of my favorite show, @sho_smilf (as well as my costar in the #hollyweed pilot) @frankieshawisag joined us as the Prosecutor! And for the Defense - my @tuskthemovie brother-in-sewn-up-arms, the genius @therealstephenblatt as the Lawyer (who sounds an awful lot like a Bobby Long-less Brandon St. Randy)! Reboot looks like my extended family scrap book, with cameos from folks I’ve worked with for years (and a few famous folks I’ve never met before but am looking forward to making pretend beside). And these fine folks flew all the way to #nola the day before #mardigras to fling funny around and make my movie better. And since I know what they got paid, I’m relatively sure they didn’t do it for the meager money. There’s a lot of love in this photo (which more resembles the key art for a “Night Court” reboot than the actual scene we shot yesterday). I appreciate that love and send it right back to my fellow thespians for making the cross-country Reboot-y Call!

In all honesty, the last Kevin Smith film I bothered to check out was RED STATE, but I'm more than willing to make a return for Jay and Silent Bob, especially as Smith seems to be having an absolute ball making the film. Almost dying of a heart attack will certainly help to give you a new appreciation for life. Who else is pumped for the JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT?

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