Update: Leaked logo and new details for Josh Trank's The Fantastic Four

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UPDATE: Fox has informed us that the logo in question is not the actual logo for the film (likely fan-made or an old temp version).

A Reddit user by the name of "MrBlueFox" who claims to be "an employee at 20th Century Fox" has leaked what could be the logo for THE FANTASTIC FOUR reboot, as well as some new plot and character details on the upcoming film. I say could be because even though the logo and new info may seem legit, there's always a chance both could be bullshit. There are a few spoilers in his report, so if you want to know what might be going on in THE FANTASTIC FOUR, scroll past the image below.

The Fantastic Four

MrBlueFox starts by saying a few months ago he was contacted by Fox to work on the 2nd rough cut for THE FANTASTIC FOUR, and "even though the movie didn't sound great," he was "still looking forward to seeing it." He goes on to say "The movie itself wasn't all bad - it feels like Chronicle 2, which isn't a bad thing," and "It manages to keep the basis of the characters despite the race change for Johnny and the uh... original love story between two of the characters (I won't mention who)," before revealing a few other interesting things about the film.

On Toby Kebbell's Victor Domashev (the reboot's reimagining of Dr. Doom), and how he'll look in the movie compared to the leaked set photos from last year.

He's an internet blogger and a programmer who works for Dr. Storm at the Baxter Institute. However, after he gets his powers he becomes closer to the classic 616 Doom in personality. There are many hints towards him becoming ruler of Latveria in the future...Towards the end of the movie, he tells the Four that he can do "good" with his power and help his homeland...There's gonna be some CG enhancements, obviously. But it's more or less the same.

On the CGI for Jamie Bell's The Thing, and how much of the film takes place in the Negative Zone:

The CGI wasn't finished yet, given that it's a rough cut... but design wise, he looks fine. Very Thing-like...The first half of the second act and the final battle. I'd guess around 30 minutes in total is spent in the Negative Zone (referred to as Dimension N in the movie itself).

And finally, does he know why Fox is being so secretive about THE FANTASTIC FOUR?

I really have no idea! In my personal opinion, the movie isn't a complete trainwreck - it's a genuinely good movie. I guess they don't want to piss off the die-hard fans, but I really don't know.

I doubt these details will convince any of you that THE FANTASTIC FOUR won't be a "complete trainwreck," but I'm still hopeful it will be a fun movie. Am I worried about the reboot? Yup, however that doesn't mean I want to see it fail, and I'll be the first to say we had nothing to fret about if it ends up being a solid film. Why do you think Fox hasn't officially released anything yet from their new movie?

THE FANTASTIC FOUR opens on August 7, 2015.



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