Lee Daniels rounds up Matthew McConaughey, Tobey Maguire, Sofia Vergara and Zac Efron to star in The Paperboy

Matthew McConaughey, Tobey Maguire, Sofia Vergara and Zac Efron are set to star in THE PAPERBOY, an adaptation of the 1995 Pete Dexter novel for Millennium Films.

Lee Daniels will be the one helming the picture. The director has been searching for the perfect project ever since 2009s PRECIOUS. Pedro Almodovar (VOLVER) was developing the project with Dexter before Daniels became involved early this year.

The plot is a, "sexual thriller, which follows a Miami Times reporter as he returns to his Florida hometown to investigate the imprisonment of a death row inmate."

Hilary Shor is serving as producer with Daniels. Avi Lerner, Trevor Short and Danny Dimbort are executive producers. Lerner had this to say on the adaptation, “This is a good film for us. A project that has Pedro Almodovar attached, is set in the steamy South, directed by Lee Daniels, Hilary Shor producing, and with the incredible cast of Matthew, Tobey, Sofia and Zac.”

Extra Tidbit: Anyone feel like PRECIOUS was a bit overrated?
Source: THR



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