Legend of Tarzan scribe Adam Cozad in talks to write Suicide Squad sequel

Well, chalk this up to things that I did not see coming. It's being reported that THE LEGEND OF TARZAN and JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT scribe Adam Cozad is negotiating with Warner Bros. to be the writer of the yet untitled SUICIDE SQUAD sequel.

As you may already know, SUICIDE SQUAD features a rag-tag group of super villains who've been recruited by the frightening Amanda Waller for her Task Force X initiaive - a program designed around sending the worst of the worst on world-saving missions deemed far too dangerous or illegal for the DCEU's best and brightest. When the film was in theaters, the Margot Robbie and Will Smith-lead comic book adventure took home a worldwide total of just over $745 million in receipts. In the wake of its more-than-admirable success, plans to develop a Harley Quinn spin-off film set to be called GOTHAM CITY SIRENS (with Catwoman and Poison Ivy set to join the fun) are currently underway.

I don't know that I've got anything pithy or of note to say about Cozad being considered for the gig. THE LEGEND OF TARZAN was better than I'd anticipated but not by much. There's a large part of me that wants Warner Bros. to hire a few of the comic book creators who've worked on the SUICIDE SQUAD title to aid them in the creative process - even if it were merely in a consulting capacity. Then again, maybe they have, or will, I don't know. Regardless, Cozad's latest big-screen writing credit is for Fox's forthcoming sci-fi thriller UNDERWATER starring Kristen Stewart and T.J. Miller. Obviously, Cozad is making moves while building his resume, and I'd wager that penning the next SUICIDE SQUAD film would be quite the colorful feather in his cap. Here's hoping that if he lands the gig that the up-and-coming writer will deliver one hell of a good time. 

SUICIDE SQUAD is available to watch right now on Digital, DVD, Blu-Ray and select streaming services online.  

Extra Tidbit: The first version of the Suicide Squad made their comic book debut in the pages of The Brave and the Bold #25.
Source: Variety



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