Legend Ralph Bakshi talks Wizards 2, Fire and Ice, and Robert Rodriguez

Most fanboys know the name Ralph Bakshi. The man is a legend in the realm of animation, having brought to life the classics FRITZ THE CAT, WIZARDS, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, and FIRE AND ICE. The last film he directed was 1992's COOL WORLD starring Brad Pitt.

There has been lots of talk in recent years of sequels and remakes of some of the classic Bakshi films. Robert Rodriguez has long been attached to a remake/sequel to FIRE AND ICE that has yet to see anything beyond concept art.

Crave Online has been doing a career retrospective on Bakshi and during the interviews he gave ideas for the WIZARDS sequel as well as his feelings regarding Rodriguez making a new FIRE AND ICE.

And I wasn’t gonna do it – I told Rodriguez, “I want no part of it, but you can certainly pay me.” He huffed and he puffed and everything, but he did get the rights. So I don’t know what’s happened since. It’s been very quiet. I thought he would have sold it by now, with his reputation and everything. But I haven’t heard a word. I might have gotten him angry, too, by saying I didn’t want to be part of it."

Bold words. The entire retrospective is worth a look if you are interested in the worlds Bakshi has helped create. if you have never seen any of his movies, go check them out as soon as you can.

Extra Tidbit: Gore Verbinski cited Ralph Bakshi as his inspiration when directing RANGO.
Source: Crave Online



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