Lionsgate developing Emperor, the first of a potential Julius Caesar trilogy

Films dealing with ancient Rome/Greece typically aren't franchise fodder, but they sure seem to be heading that way. Lionsgate already has a potential franchise based around "The Odyssey," and now they're turning their sights on Julius Caesar. Deadline reports that Lionsgate's Summit Entertainment is developing EMPEROR, the first in what could be a trilogy of films about Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus.

EMPEROR will be based on "The Gates of Rome" and "The Field of Swords," two novels written by Conn Iggulden which cover the the lives of a young Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus on their way to the top of the Roman Empire. Said to combine "the sweep of 300 with the intrigue of Game of Thrones," EMPEROR will bring us the part of the Julius Caesar story that "nobody knows." Why do studios keep saying that like it's a selling point?

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-chairs Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger:

We’re looking forward to working with an incredible creative team on Emperor, a great property based on a unique and compelling series of books, a fresh and inventive coming-of-age story about the young Julius Caesar and Brutus set amidst the drama, intrigue and passions of ancient Rome, we believe that Emperor will be a big, crowd-pleasing motion picture event for global audiences. It marks an exciting addition to a slate already loaded with franchises, potential franchises and other star-driven tentpole films.

The first film in this potential franchise would see "Julius and Marcus bond at boyhood and grow into warriors who become politically ambitious and powerful enough to be regarded as threats by the establishment." EMPEROR is high priority for Lionsgate/Summit so we should be hearing about their search for a director before too long.

Source: Deadline



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