Listen to Hans Zimmer's entire score for The Dark Knight Rises

Here's a nice little treat for you today. Empire is sharing the score for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with the masses in anticipation for the film. We are getting closer and closer to July 20th, so until then let's just close our eyes and imagine how awesome the movie will be while listening to Hans Zimmer's score.

Usually Zimmer has worked with James Newton Howard on the previous Bats scores. This time he did it all on his own. You guys will be happy to know that the track titles are not spoilery. I was nice enough to brave it for you beforehand. The tone of the score is what I expected to hear: dark, ominous, and grand. I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite track. Right now, I'm having a hard time staying on task with this article because I keep glaring off into space while listening to the score.

Check it out below. Enjoy your eargasms.

Extra Tidbit: If you would like access to the drop down menu with the track listing, head here.
Source: Empire



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