Luke Evans says The Crow will not be a remake of the Brandon Lee movie

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Alex Proyas' THE CROW and the untimely death of Brandon Lee. In the years since the film saw release, we have gotten a number of mediocre sequels that have done nothing to improve on the legacy of James O'Barr's comic. This year we will see another film try to revive THE CROW with Luke Evans in the title role.

While O'Barr will serve as a consultant on the new version of THE CROW, many are left hesitant that it will be nothing more than a remake of the first film. While being interviewed by Red Carpet News, Evans set the record clear on this version.

“We just want to be as authentic and loyal to the original comic and that means the story will be different. It will be different [from] what people are expecting. It's not about ripping off the Brandon Lee movie. That stands alone as a piece of brilliant cult film and a great performance. But we're going back to the book, the original book and that's exciting because we're bringing to the screen a lot of parts of the story that were never really told. It's our chance to do it differently, but as loyal and respectful of the original storyline as we possible can.”

THE CROW is still a great movie in it's own right, but time has definitely worn on the effects in the film. I recently watched it and I spotted much more easily where stand-ins and camera tricks were used to hide the scenes that Brandon Lee never completed. A bigger budget film could certainly keep the brutal comic book story from looking too much like the 1994 film while injecting a little more than we have seen. Evans is a talented enough actor to pull off this role, I just hope he is being honest.

THE CROW will film this year likely for a release in 2015.

Source: Comic Book News



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