Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor talk about the possibility of Ghost Rider 3 and Crank 3D

For my fans of GHOST RIDER and CRANK, here's some sequel news for you.

The duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are of course already talking trilogy since GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE is to be released this Friday. I'm surprised a second one got made, however, here we are again, but this time with Idris Elba co-starring. He makes everything better, right?

So where are they on a third installment? Neveldine said this in a recent interview with IndieWire, in regards to taking meetings with Sony, "There's been talk about [a sequel]. I know Nic[olas Cage] wants to do it, he's very pumped about it. We'll just to see how well [this] does.

What about a third CRANK film? The crazy shit Chev goes through never gets old. "It's gonna happen, it's gonna be written, and it will be 3D," Neveldine assures the fans, though they claim they're still spitballing ideas, claiming they're fueled by, "Beer, tequila, talking about ideas, doing whatever the fuck we want to do, and trying to push it through the system." Taylor adds, "'Crank' is destined to be a trilogy. And then maybe we'll go for the prequels the way 'Star Wars' did"

Taylor then adds in this epic battle idea, "Maybe Chev Chelios versus Ghost Rider. But you can't kill Chev."

Source: IndieWire



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