Marvel kills off a Fantastic Four member...for now

[Ed. note: The following article contains major spoilers from an issue of "Fantastic Four" that goes on sale today. Consider yourself warned...]

It was announced a week or so ago that Marvel was planning on killing off one of the members of the famed Fantastic Four squad, and now the answer is upon us.


Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, made the ultimate sacrifice in a recent comic, below. I would think that fire would actually be the perfect to thing to fight insects with, but it appears that's not the case.

Do comic book deaths seems a lot less impactful than they used to? I remember back when Superman and Robin died, it was a pretty big deal, but these days it's just kind of whatever. Very rarely do superheroes ever stay dead, and I doubt we'll see this reflected in the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR reboot.

But until he "rises from the ashes" I guess we'll see how the Fantastic Three (probably need a new name) fare without him. He always was the coolest one in my opinion (no pun intended) though I've never been a particularly large FF fan as in the Marvel universe, the Avengers, X-Men and Spider-Man all outshine them.

Will Johnny be missed?

Extra Tidbit: This marks two main characters that Marvel has killed off that are both played by Chris Evans on film. Are they trying to say something?
Source: LA Times



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