Matt Reeves says things are going "really, really well" on The Batman

After the poor performance of JUSTICE LEAGUE, everything went a bit dark in regards to the future of the DCEU. The only projects we know are confirmed are the ones coming out in the next year and a half, including SHAZAM!, AQUAMAN and WONDER WOMAN 2. Even news on Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN has been almost non-existent recently. But we can rejoice now because Reeves took to Twitter to give a very small update on the movie – key emphasis on small.

Reeves was on Twitter answering a fan question about how the progress is going on THE BATMAN, with the director assuring things are going very smoothly and that he’s still very exciting to be doing it.

Okay, it’s not a massive update, but it’s enough. With everything going on at DC and Warner Bros. it’s refreshing to know the movie is still chugging along, that the process is going well, and that Reeves is still very much game to be doing it. The worst thing could’ve been for him to respond with a frowny face emoji.

The most recent news around the movie has been revolving around casting and the notion of Ben Affleck stepping down from the role as the current Bruce Wayne/Batman. Though that has yet to happen, news has still circulated that Reeves may want a younger Batman, with the name Jake Gyllenhaal being thrown around. These have all been rumors thus far, but it’s really all we’ve had to go on.

Like I said, with so much uncertainty going on with the DCEU I'm glad to hear everything is still on track with this one. Out of all the proposed DC movies, this is the one I'm most anxious to see come to life. Affleck is so great as Batman and his stuff was the most compelling in BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, even if that didn't translate as well into JUSTICE LEAGUE. Still, I want a solo Batman movie with more "Warehouse Scene" moments and with a gritty, thriller-esque vibe. Not to be too picky. 

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