Matthew Vaughn being sought to direct the Flash Gordon reboot


There's been a lot of talk this past year about some sort of FLASH GORDON film (thanks TED?), and while the latest rumor suggested a possible sequel in the works, I have a feeling that might go out the window if Twentieth Century Fox gets their way. The newest GORDON news is that Fox is seeking out KINGSMAN and KICK-ASS director Matthew Vaughn to breathe some life back into this license. While FLASH GORDON is mostly known for the cheesy 80s film, it looks like Fox is hoping to harken back to the original 30s comic featuring the titular hero making his way to planet Mongo to face off against the evil emperor Zurg . . . I mean, Ming the Merciless.

Vaughn's latest endeavor, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, has so far brought in a whopping $392 million worldwide, which is mighty impressive given it's hard R-rating. There's no question that Vaughn is a hot commodity and it makes sense that Fox would want to bring him in on a project as well-known as FLASH GORDON. ESPECIALLY if they can bring Vaughn down to PG-13 territory for mass appeal. I can't say that I'm any more than indifferent about a new FLASH GORDON, but Vaughn's name attached to it fires up some interest.



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