Modern fantasy film Bright starring Will Smith adds two new cast members

I've been looking forward to BRIGHT for a while now. If you haven't heard of it, it's David Ayer's next film starring Will Smith, and it's been described as LORD OF THE RINGS meets END OF WATCH.

The film is set in a modern world where Orc, magic, and Elves exist, and Smith plays a top human cop who's assigned to partner up with the first Orc police officer on the force (Joel Edgerton). Things get hairy, though, when they have to protect a young Elf with a powerful magic wand from criminals, corrupt cops, and all manner of magical creatures across the city.

Anyway, the film has gained two more cast members: Dawn Olivieri (THE LAST WITCHHUNTER) as Smith's wife, and Kenneth Choi (WOLF OF WALL STREET) in an undisclosed role.

Now, I had my problems with SUICIDE SQUAD (I know it has its fans), but I've liked Ayer's films in the past, so I'm curious to see how he handles the mixture of gritty cop drama and high fantasy. And even though it's being written by Max Landis, I feel that the premise is enough for me to look past that. Either way, the idea of a modern fantasy film - especially one that doesn't deal with any sort of "masquerade" or alternate world parallel to our own - is a surprisingly original idea for a Hollywood film, and sounds f*cking awesome (even THE LAST WITCHUNTER had magic be a secret). I personally can't wait. Maybe they'll make a SHADOWRUN movie next?

BRIGHT will magically appear sometime next year.

Extra Tidbit: This isn't the first time modern fantasy and police procedural were merged together. That would belong to Rondal D. Moore's (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) failed NBC pilot 17th Precinct.
Source: Variety



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