More from Elysium director Neill Blomkamp on the failed Halo movie

Neill Blomkamp

Last month Neill Blomkamp talked a little about his future films and why the HALO film was canned, but a new interview with Hero Complex has the director opening up a bit more about the failed project. Some may have though Neil Blomkamp was a little too honest harsh about why HALO failed in the previous interview, but in this new one the director says that not doing HALO was probably the best thing for him and a great stroke of luck

The luck is the fact that Peter and Fran let me make [‘District 9’] out of the ruins that were ‘Halo'. What happened out of that was learning to trust my ideas. If ‘Halo’ had come out and succeeded or failed, I wouldn’t have learned that.

After DISTRICT 9 was huge Neill Blomkamp had plenty of offers to helm big budget films, but he didn't forget about what happened with HALO:

It’s getting to the point now where WME (Blomkamp's agency William Morris Endeavor) just doesn’t send me stuff anymore. It’s not because I think I’m better than any of that stuff. There are many franchises out there I would love to participate in. The problem is when you agree to do that, you take a lot of the control that you have over your own creative destiny away from yourself.

Neill Blomkamp would have been perfect for HALO, but I would much rather see the director do his own thing. Whenever a director or actor is attached to a big film their hands tend to get tied by the studios, and Blomkamp is a director (in my opinion) that should be free to do what he wants with his movies. And it just goes to show you that some bad news now might not seem so bad after some time passes and you can look back at what could or could not have been.

You can check out Neill Blomkamp's next film ELYSIUM on Friday.

Extra Tidbit: Which franchise or big budget property would you like to see Neill Blomkamp work on if he had creative control?
Source: Hero Complex



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