Naomi Watts vs. Michelle Williams in dual Marilyn Monroe projects

We heard a bit ago that Michelle Williams was set to play Marilyn Monroe in the Weinstein's MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, which is about Monroe's time in England while shooting THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL.

This new project, BLONDE, on the other hand is from ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES director Andrew Dominik, and will be adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’ imaginary Marilyn Monroe memoir which details her exploits with various historical figures, shrouded under aliases like “The Athlete,” “The Playwright” and “The President.” It’s quite the riddle, but I think I know who they’re talking about.

So who is the better Marilyn? That remains to be seen, as really all we can do now is speculate based on looks. I would say the premise of BLONDE sounds much more interesting, and I actually prefer Watts in the role.

BUT it’s my obligation as a journalist to present the facts and let you decide.


Who gets your vote?

EDIT: Yep, should probably put an actual picture of Monroe up here. Whoever gets the part will def have to put on some pounds. Society used to like 'em a lot curvier!

Extra Tidbit: Scarlett Johansson turned down the part of Marilyn in MY WEEK. I’ll leave you to speculate why.
Source: Deadline



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