Natalie Portman is "furious" after director Patty Jenkins fired from Thor 2

Two weeks ago Marvel formally announced that Patty Jenkins, the director of MONSTER, would no longer be directing the upcoming sequel to THOR. Jenkins would've been the first female director of a superhero tentpole film (Lexi Alexander previously directed the lower-budgeted PUNISHER: WAR ZONE) but now that she's gone Marvel is looking at two male candidates as a replacement. And star Natalie Portman is none too happy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Portman was strongly considering taking a few years off from acting to focus on her new baby and was not particularly enthused about returning for the THOR sequel. But she personally suggested Jenkins for the job and was "re-engaged" in the sequel once she was hired. The actress was reportedly supportive of Jenkins' vision for the film but Marvel, clearly, was not.

As the headline says, Portman was reportedly "furious" that Marvel fired Jenkins and that she had to find out about it on the internet. Portman is contractually obligated to star in the film but Marvel is working with the actress on her suggestions on how to replace Jenkins.

While I fully support Portman's vision for Jenkins and a desire to bring in an out-of-the-box candidate for a superhero sequel, I'm surprised Marvel is mollifying her. I mean, the Jane Foster character was barely interesting in the first film. Why not just cut her out of the sequel anyway? As Marvel is fond of saying, the movies are the stars.

What do you think? Should Marvel allow Portman to have some say in a director for the film? Should they move on without her?

Source: THR



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