Netflix has renewed House of Cards for a fourth season

It's always nice when quality television gets the attention and praise it deserves and Netflix's flagship series House of Cards is definitely quality television. The critical darling debuted its third season just a month ago but the word is already in that House of Cards will be back for a fourth season in 2016.

Production is expected to get underway this summer and, while a debut date has yet to have been set, I feel as though it's safe to say the show will once again land in its customary February slot. When the series first began I recall wondering just how long they were going to be able to hold on to Kevin Spacey, but it's obviously a show that he loves doing as he keeps coming back for more. I've yet to finish catching up on the series (I know, I know) but I'm already wondering how long they should keep it going; a show like this needs to go out on top.

What say you House of Cards fans, is it time for the show to start working towards its end-game or does it have a couple of seasons in it yet?

Source: Netflix



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