New action-heavy trailer for CW's Arrow features a major DC comics villain tease

A new trailer for CW's Arrow, based on the DC comics character Green Arrow, is not only heavy on the action, but also gives us a glimpse of a major DC comics villain in the form of Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson.  I haven't heard mention of Deathstroke in the series, but this is one hell of an indicator. 

Take a look:

This is the best promo I've seen for Arrow so far and kind of reminds of me of THE BOURNE IDENTITY, which probably isn't accidental.  They seem to be relying on a heavy dose of mystery in terms of what happened to Oliver Queen on the island, which led him to gain the skills needed to become Green Arrow (or, Arrow, as he's calling himself).  I think it's a great angle and gives us some suspense to the character, rather than the one-off version in Smallville.

If Deathstroke does indeed show up as a villain or anti-hero, that would be beyond cool.  For those unaware, Deathstroke is a mercenary/assassin who first appeared in Teen Titans and has been a major villain/anti-hero since then, gaining massive popularity throughout the years.  In short, he's pretty bad ass.

With this trailer and the possibility of Deathstroke being in the show ('cause let's face it, that could just be a head on that stick), I'm officially onboard for Arrow.  DVR will be officially set. 

Arrow premieres this Fall on CW.

Extra Tidbit: What villains would YOU like to see Green Arrow fight in the new show?
Source: TV Web



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