New details emerge as the Kingsman prequel & Kingsman 3 begin to suit up

Lace up your Oxfords, brush up on your Lepidopterology, and make an appointment to get yourself a bespoke suit, because some new details concerning the future of the KINGSMAN franchise have emerged. Thanks to an exclusive report by Collider, we've learned that the next KINGSMAN movie, set to take place several years before the events of the first film, will reportedly begin filming in January, in London. The article also suggests that filming will take place over the course of four months with director Matthew Vaughn at the helm, once again. Upon further investigation, it's thought that the Kingsman prequel will indeed be framed as a "period drama," in which we'll discover the origin of the tailor shop stronghold and super spy organization.

With regard to the planned KINGSMAN sequel, Vaughn says that he's in the midst of writing the script, which he plans to direct as soon as both Taron Egerton and Colin Firth are available. Sources close to the project are saying that the script is nearly complete, with plans to shoot after some brief downtime following his wrap on the prequel. When continuing to look at some of the finer points of the report, we've discovered that KINGSMAN 3 (which is not the film's official title) will focus on bringing Eggsy (Egerton) and Harry's (Firth) relationship full circle. However, it's to be thought that Vaughn will be keeping the characters in his back pocket, should he feel the need to bring them back for another mission.

As far as the KINGSMAN TV show is concerned, Collider's report suggests that Vaughn will be going in a very different direction with that aspect of the franchise. Essentially, Vaughn wants the TV show to feel quite different from the proper film franchise, stating that he doesn't really see the point of creating a long-form version of the same setup. I can dig that. After all, variety is often the spice of life, is it not?

Now that you have some new information to chew on, what's your excitement level for the future of the KINGSMAN franchise? Personally, I'm hoping that the sequel finds Roxy (Sophie Cookson) safe and sound after seemingly being blown to smithereens in KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. After all, she did have a heads up about the missle, and I'd imagine that there are trap doors all throughout the venue where she was stationed. She probably saved JB, too. Oh, I know! KINGSMAN 3: JS's REVENGE. Yes! Let's make it happen!

Source: Collider



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