New details on Netflix's Daredevil involving The Owl, Gladiator & more

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The Brazilian website Omelete got a chance to visit the Daredevil set back in October of last year, and there's some interesting new details on the Netflix series in the site's report. Although it is in Portuguese and Google translate isn't always super accurate, most of the report makes sense.

Apparently Melvin Potter will have a big role on the show, and if you're familiar with the comics you know that Potter is a former supervillain turned Daredevil alley who goes by the name Gladiator. One of the sets the site saw was Melvin Potter's workshop, and Michael Jortner (part of the production team) revealed a few things about how the character will be used on the series. Jortner says Potter is "a very technical guy who develops many superhero uniforms, but mostly villains, with different characteristics and weapons" and he has created a kevlar suit for Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin/Wilson Fisk.

Jortner also says we will see Potter working on armored cars for Fisk, and "other characters in the Marvel Universe" will appear on the series.The site went on to describe a scene being filmed featuring Wilson Fisk talking to Leland Owlsley/The Owl (Bob Gunton), who will be Fisk's financial advisory on the show.

Omelete also spoke with costume designer Stephanie Maslansky, and she says Daredevil and Kingpin have the same goal, telling the site that "Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk want to turn the Hell's Kitchen in a better place to live." Maslansky described Fisk as "a guy who has a heart and a past" and says he "is a deep and multi-layered character." In addition, production designer Loren Weeks says Daredevil's physical abilities are incredible, but still grounded in reality. What are your thoughts on these new Daredevil details?

Daredevil will hit Netflix on April 10, 2015.

Source: Omelete



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