New Iron Man 3 Lego sets may contain spoilers

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Part of me hates the recent trend of spoilers that are leaked because of pictures of upcoming action figures or toy sets. For one reason, a lot of the figures are of poor quality. There are incredibly detailed and excellent collector items online, but I'm talking about the ones kids actually PLAY with. You might walk down an aisle at Toys 'R Us and think, "Christ, this is what Superman is going to look like in MAN OF STEEL?" The other is a lot of the times the toys end up with costumes and vehicles (Why does Spider-Man need a car?!) that don't show up anywhere in the film. For that reason it's important to note that what you see may not be exactly what ends up in the movie. 

At least with Lego you know what you're going to get each and every time: bricks of awesome and I don't mean heroin.

The Lego fan site The Brick Fan has some pictures up of the three new sets coming soon for Iron Man 3 as well as the set's titles. As mentioned before, there may be spoilers.

Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack

Iron man lego 1

Iron man lego 2

Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle

iron man lego 3

iron man lego 4

Iron Man Vs. The Mandarian: The Ultimate Showdown

iron man lego 5

iron man lego 6

The Iron Man Vs. The Mandarian will be available on March 15th while the other two sets will be released May 15th. Iron Man 3 flies into theaters May 2nd, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: What movie (that in reality would have absolutely no chance) would you want immortalized as a Lego set? I'm not going to lie: I'd buy a SCHINDLER'S LIST Lego set...
Source: The Brick Fan



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