New Line preps earthquake disaster flick San Andreas 3D

An estranged father travels across California trying to save his kids during a natural disaster with the world literally crumbling at his feet. No, it's not 2012. Well, it is 2012, but it's also the new disaster movie SAN ANDREAS 3D.

It may sound very much like a 2012 reboot, but New Line is planning the mother of all earthquake movies - a large-scale disaster epic, shot in 3D. Allan Loeb (WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, the upcoming ROCK OF AGES) wrote the script about the so-called "Big One," the massive quake seismologists have predicted for the next few years. The film will follow another estranged dad (what is it with these estranged dads?) making his way up California along the titular San Andreas fault.

The project is currently out to directors with hopes for a big 2013 release. This is assuming, of course, that the Big One doesn't happen between now and then. Or maybe, in some mega publicity stunt, New Line (and parent company Warner Bros.) will drill a hole into the plates of the Earth and detonate a bomb, manually triggering the Earthquake the night of the film's premiere for a little extra oomph.

Kidding aside, scientists have been predicting that the next big earthquake to hit would make the devastating San Francisco quake of 1989 look like small potatoes. The last "Big One" hit California in 1857 and measured an 8.1 on the Richter scale (the San Francisco earthquake was only a 6.9).

Source: LA Times



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