New energetic TV spot for Fantastic Four tries to lighten the mood

One of the multiple complaints about Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR is that the film doesn't feel like a superhero movie. Hell, some have said it doesn't even feel like a FANTASTIC FOUR movie. With dark and dour visuals and a stone cold serious trailer, FANTASTIC FOUR seems like it could be one of the most divisive superhero movies ever.

This new TV spot tries to brighten things up a bit and cobbles together some of the scenes featuring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, and Kate Mara smiling. I am not sure The Thing (Jamie Bell) can smile, but you may be too focused on the new shot of the rocky hero walking naked to worry about his facial expression. The use of a Kanye West song also seems to try and liven up the proceedings and separate the style of the trailer from the INTERSTELLAR-esque first preview.

I may be one of the few looking forward to FANTASTIC FOUR. The movie looks like it fits right in with the visual style of the X-MEN films and still feels like FANTASTIC FOUR to me. I am not beholden to the classic origin story that I cannot accept this new take on the team's genesis. In fact, I am hopefully expecting all of the haters to eat their words once we finally get to see the film next month.

FANTASTIC FOUR hits theaters on August 7th.

Source: YouTube



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