Newly announced action/sci-fi film Mobius is being pitched as Moby Dick... IN SPACE!

Lynne Ramsay and Moby Dick

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN was one of last year's most talked-about films. And writer/director Lynne Ramsay has decided to parlay that success into something more. Some sci-fi. Something... called MOBIUS.  Co-written with her KEVIN collaborator Rory Kinnear, MOBIUS "takes cues" from Melville's classic tale described as a "psychological action thriller set in deep space" where "a captain consumed by revenge takes his crew on a death mission fueled by his own ego and will to control an enigmatic alien."

There are really truly on two ways this can go.  The different paths to me are stark, and no I'm not using a pun to illustrate that one of them is to pitch this as a comic concept to Marvel.  Either it'll be a grand space opus and as disturbingly gripping as KEVIN, or it'll be a grand space opus and as bloated as a beached whale.  Do whales bloat when they're beached, or do they shrivel up from dehydration? The basic idea actually works either way, I'm just curious.

MOBY DICK has been adapted many times over for many different mediums since it was first published in 1851, with what is arguably the most notable film entry being the version made in 1956 starring an explosively brilliant Gregory Peck.

MOBIUS reuintes Ramsay with Scott Pictures, the company producing her next directorial effort JANE GOT A GUN starring Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender.

Natalie Portman lying on tile

Extra Tidbit: John Huston and the late Ray Bradbury co-wrote the screenplay for the 1956 version.



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