Official Twin Peaks featurette tracks its origins and initial success

I was two years old when TWIN PEAKS first hit the airwaves, so I've never actually really lived in a world without its influence. I mean, you can see it in everything from X-FILES to LOST to STRANGER THINGS. The idea of having such an auteur vision on television was a new thing then, and especially as cinematic and idiosyncratic as it was. But now - with people like Vince Gilligan and Bryan Fuller - it's much less of a novelty. And the fact that it's not a novelty anymore is only a good thing.

Anyway, in preparation for the new TWIN PEAKS revival, Showtime has released a new series of featurettes, tracing the production and reception of the original show. The first one, titled "The Phenomenon", focuses on its origins and its initial - unprecedented - success:

Meanwhile, the TWIN PEAKS revival will premiere on Showtime May 21st, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: While there is definitely a dip in quality after Laura Palmer's killer is discovered, I don't think the show ever got out-and-out bad.
Source: YouTube



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