Peter Capaldi to exit Doctor Who at the close of the upcoming series

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

There have been many actors to portray Doctor Who over the years, and it seems that we're due for yet another actor to take on the role. It was announced today, by Peter Capaldi himself, that he will be exiting Doctor Who following the close of the upcoming series, leaving the position open for someone new.

Peter Capaldi took over the role from Matt Smith in 2013, and, when all is said and done, will have played the good Doctor for three series. Capaldi made the announcement during an interview on BBC's Radio 2, in which he said that it was "time to move on to different challenges." The actor will make his exit during the Doctor Who Christmas Special airing later this year.

I feel sad. I love Doctor Who. It’s a fantastic program to work on. It’s been a huge pleasure to work with a family and I can’t praise the people I work with more highly. I’m always someone that did different things. I’ve never done one job for three years before and I feel it’s time for me to move on to different challenges.

Not counting the Christmas Specials, it's been well over a year since we last saw the adventures of Capaldi's Doctor, but we don't have too much longer to wait until for his return. Series Ten of Doctor Who is set to debut on April 15, 2017 and Capaldi will be joined by Pearl Mackie, who will be playing the Doctor's new companion Bill, as well as Little Britain's Matt Lucas as Nardole. Current show-runner Steven Moffat will also be departing Doctor Who at the same time and will be replaced by Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch). In a statement, Moffat said:

For years before I ever imagined being involved in Doctor Who, or had ever met the man, I wanted to work with Peter Capaldi. I could not have imagined that one day we’d be standing on the TARDIS together. Like Peter, I’m facing up to leaving the best job I’ll ever have, but knowing I do so in the company of the best, and kindest and cleverest of men, makes the saddest of endings a little sweeter. But hey, it’s a long way from over. Peter’s amazing, fiery, turbulent Doctor is still fighting the good fight, and his greatest adventures are yet to come. Monsters of the universe, be on your guard - Capaldi’s not done with you yet!

Who would you like to see take on the role of the Doctor after Peter Capaldi?

Source: BBC



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