We Remember: Phil Hartman

Welcome to our all new spin-off of our popular WTF Happened to this Celebrity series, "We Remember". As the title suggests, the series is a little different from our usual show, in that it explores the life and work of some of our most beloved stars, who, sadly, have since passed away.

In this week's episode, nearing the anniversary of his death we examine the life and legacy of beloved Saturday Night Live funny-man Phil Hartman. One of the most valued players in the show's history, he was also a beloved star in movies like JINGLE ALL THE WAY, Houseguest, and of course as Troy McClure on The Simpsons and News Radio. Hartman was murdered by his troubled wife on May 28th, 1998, but rather than linger on his death let's celebrate his amazing life and career. He was one of the greats!

Source: JoBlo Videos

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