Professor Marston tries to pitch Wonder Woman in new clip

I'm actually really looking forward to PROFESSION MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN. I'm always fascinated by the creation of things in general, and especially when it comes iconic characters. This is especially true of Wonder Woman, who is not only a seminal feminist icon, but also had an interesting backstory (the titular professor, his wife, and their lover, creating the character and implementing aspects of BDSM into the early issues). So should make for some interesting drama, especially given the more conservative time period.

However, this scene is a little...on the nose. It's not a bad scene per se, but it runs into the biopic problem of condensing conversations that probably happened into one leaden, exposition-heavy scene. Hopefully the rest of the film is more subtle. Either way, I'm still excited. Maybe it'll lead to a film about how Bob Kane took all the credit for Batman, or how Stan Lee still takes all the credit for Marvel?

Meanwhile, PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN will hit theaters October 13th.

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Source: YouTube



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