Quentin Tarantino says that he is down for directing a Star Trek movie

Ah, there's nothing celebrities love more than being accosted by the press while they're hoping to catch a flight. After all, who doesn't enjoy answering quick-fire questions concerning hypothetical film opportunities while sprinting through places like LAX or JFK? I'll tell you, Quentin Tarantino, that's who!

Just the other day, Tarantino was approached by TMZ while obviously sprinting to places he'd rather be, and was asked about the possibility of him helming a Star Trek film at some point in his career. While the legendary director didn't say yes, he did share that, "It'd be worth having a meeting about." It's an interesting response for sure, particularly when you consider that Tarantino has stated that his next two films will be his last before he retires.

Obviously, this fly-by quote isn't worth taking to the bank just yet (if at all). However, it does bring about a tantalizing scenario to bat around in your own personal think tank. For instance, what approach do you think Tarantino would take if he were to helm a Star Trek film? Would it be a bombastic action vehicle in line with the franchise's most recent film releases, or perhaps something a bit more quirky and low-key as the famed director is known to deliver?

Personally, I'd request that Scotty beam me the fuck up for the chance to see a Tarantino-directed STAR TREK film. I'm imagining a stylish space caper with a slick captain at the helm and a crew of space officers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when exploring parts unknown. Granted, this whole concept is a long shot in the dark, but it's often fun to let our imaginations run wild, even if the possibilities of the concept coming to fruition are absurdly slim to none.

Tarantino's next (and last) two films will be KILL BILL: Vol 3 (announced) and the UNTITLED MANSON FAMILY PROJECT.  

Extra Tidbit: I wonder where Tarantino would boldly go where he hasn't gone before?
Source: TMZ



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