Rachel McAdams is officially joining the MCU as a part of Doctor Strange

Go ahead and officially add Rachel McAdams to the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After being rumored to take a role in DOCTOR STRANGE and even confirming some early talks with Marvel Studios about the picture, McAdams has now cemented her status in the mystical realm of Phase Three.

While at the Toronto International Film Festival, McAdams confirmed she will be starring opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, although she wasn't quick to offer up any other details about the nature of her role or the specific character she'd be playing. One would assume she'd be the love interest of the Sorcerer Supreme, making Clea a strong possibility for her involvement, but you know what they say about assuming, right?

McAdams has long been one of those actresses you wish you'd see more of. Any time you catch her in something, she's fantastic, and then when you think about the last thing you saw her in, you think to yourself, "I wish Rachel McAdams was in more stuff." Well, hot on the heels of the coming SPOTLIGHT in addition to her roles in SOUTHPAW and TRUE DETECTIVE Season 2, that's now happening and in a big way, too. McAdams is always a great addition to any film she signs onto, and DOCTOR STRANGE can only benefit from what is now her definite casting.

Scott Derrickson's take on DOCTOR STRANGE will magically appear in theaters on November 4, 2016.

Source: The Wrap



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