Ray Liotta lands a spot in Coogan's Trade

One of my long time favorite actors Ray Liotta has been cast in COOGAN'S TRADE alongside Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Javier Bardem, Sam Rockwell, Casey Affleck, Mark Ruffalo, Vincent Curatola and Richard Jenkins.

Andrew Dominik adapted the 1974 George V. Higgins novel. Dominik will also helm the flick. Most of you might notice Dominik's handy work in THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES. He wrote/directed on that as well.

Here's what THR offered as a synopsis plus character details:

"Pitt's Jackie Cogan is a professional enforcer who must investigate a heist that took place during a high-stakes poker game under protection of the mob. Liotta will play Mark "Markie" Trattman, the unfortunate hustler who runs the game in a motel room and finds things only going downhill from there."

The Weinstein Co. and Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment are producing the project, which will start shooting in New Orleans later this month and release early in 2012. This is going to be good.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone see Dominik's film CHOPPER with Eric Bana? Great film and performance from Bana.
Source: THR



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