Relativity moves up their Snow White film to get ahead of Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman

There's two SNOW WHITE films headed our way: Relativity's version and Universal's SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. If you want your film out first, what's the best thing to do? Move the date ahead of the other one.

A week ago, Universal decided to surprise the competition by moving SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN from December 2012 to June 1, 2012. Relativity obviously did not approve since now they've decided to move their untitled SNOW WHITE film up as well from June 29, 2012 to March 16, 2012.

What is this-- a pissing contest? Looks like director Tarsem Singh (THE FALL) will star working on Relativity's version next month with Lily Collins, Armie Hammer and Julia Roberts. HUNTSMAN is scheduled to start shooting during Summer.

The move may prove to be not so well thought out by Relativity. There's several films releasing before and after that could possibly overshadow their SNOW WHITE. The weekend before on March 9th, John Carter (of what used to be Mars) comes out as well as the Edgar Allen Poe movie starring John Cusack (that used to be called THE RAVEN). The same day the untitled SNOW WHITE releases so does 21 JUMP STREET. Then the weekend after of March 23rd, THE HUNGER GAMES debuts. If you consider CLASH OF THE TITANS 2 to be competition then they open the last Friday of March on the 30th.

Extra Tidbit: Who cares about either SNOW WHITE film?
Source: THR



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