Release of James Cameron's new Terminator film pushed to November 2019

It looks like we're going to have to wait a little longer before we get to see Arnold Schwarzenegger suit up as the Terminator once again, as Paramount Pictures has pushed the release date back by several months. Originally slated for a July 26 2019 release, the new TERMINATOR film will now hit theaters on November 22, 2019. That's the same date as an untitled Fox/Marvel film and the same month as WONDER WOMAN 2, BOND 25, and FROZEN 2. Not bad company.

Deadline adds that this change was in the works well before Arnold Schwarzenegger's heart surgery last week, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt that it gives the actor a little extra time to recover. "It’s true: I’m back!" Schwarzenegger said in a Tweet earlier this week. "I went to sleep expecting to wake up with a small incision and woke up with a big one - but guess what? I woke up, and that’s something to be thankful for. Thank you to the doctors & nurses. And I’m truly filled with gratitude for all of the kind messages." Directed by Tim Miller (DEADPOOL), the upcoming TERMINATOR film will find Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton returning to set the stage for what will hopefully be a grand reunion, and much like TERMINATOR: GENISYS, this new TERMINATOR is expected to be the first of a new trilogy and will serve to hand off the baton to a new generation of characters.

Plot details are still unknown, but we do know that it will be ignoring much of the James Cameron-less part of the franchise, with the director even implying that it would be the true sequel to TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY.  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will  "anchor" the story, much like the Original Trilogy characters in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Mackenzie Davis (BLADE RUNNER 2049) also joined the cast last month for a key role which is being described as as "the face of the rebooted franchise."

The untitled TERMINATOR film is now set for a November 22, 2019 release.

Source: THR



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