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PLOT: Annie is a charming, yet decidedly unhappy woman trying to find her way in life. The one bright star is that she has always been able to count on her best friend Lillian. Things change however when Annie finds that Lillian is engaged to be married and wants her to be her maid of honor. With that comes the daily stress of getting by, plus the added pressure of preparing wedding showers and every other task the maid of honor must take on. Will her friendship survive? Can she compete with her BFF’s new ultra-rich gal pal? You have to see the movie to find out… and you should.

REVIEW: On first glance, BRIDESMAIDS appeared to be another gross out comedy, but one with chicks. Even with the level of talent on-screen, including Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jill Clayburgh and Rose Byrne, the previews didn’t really seem to warrant more than check it out on video. Thankfully, this happens to be one of those very rare occasions where the “funny parts” are in the movie and not just in the trailer. In fact, this is most definitely one of the funniest films in the past few years.

When we first meet Annie (Wiig), she is having sexual relations with a man that looks an awful lot like Mad Men’s Jon Hamm (what do you know, it is Jon Hamm). The two share a few erotic moments in strange, sexual positions, and then the morning comes. Annie tries to look extra pretty for her paramour, only to find that he is trying his best to figure out how to tell her to leave. Awkward! As hurtful as he is, it seems that poor Annie is treated badly by most of those around her, including the customers at the jewelry store where she works. Thankfully she has a best friend like Lillian (Maya Rudolph). The two are everything to each other, so of course Annie should be thrilled to find out Lillian is engaged to be married, right? Well, not so much.

Kristen Wiig is a marvelous actress with terrific comedic timing. Yet she is rarely given the chance to show her serious side, and that is a shame. In 2009’s WHIP IT, she portrayed one of the more serious characters in the film and she absolutely shined. In Bridesmaids, she carries the film, and absolute inhabits the relationship challenged Annie. She is simply perfect in the role which has her being objectified by a “f*ck buddy” and looked down upon by Lillian’s rich BFF, Helen (Rose Byrne). Always the bridesmaid, Annie is desperate to make her best friend proud at any cost. Thankfully, as hilarious as the film is, the humor comes from a genuine place and never feels schticky. Best actress nomination? In a perfect world… yes.

This is simply a witty script (written by Wiig and Annie Mumolo) that manages to create a starring vehicle for Wiig, and yet it also offers up a number of charming and memorable characters. It is a thrill to see the farewell performance of one of Hollywood’s most talented leading ladies with Jill Clayburgh as Annie’s mom. As a woman who attends AA meetings to hook up, Clayburgh is a perfect opposite toWiig. Hollywood lost another legend when this amazing actress passed. Another stand-out performance is Melissa McCarthy (TV’s “Mike & Molly”). Her wild and wonderful work as Megan is inspired. She is an immensely gifted actress that can easily hold her own alongside Wiig, Rudolph and Byrne.

At the heart of Bridesmaids is the wonderful relationship between Wiig and Rudolph. As two of the most talented “Saturday Night Live” cast members in recent memory, they offer a very real and affecting on-screen friendship. When Byrne’s Helen begins to fight for Lillian’s attention, things get side-splittingly funny. Much can be said about a painfully uncomfortable bridal toast – or maybe not enough – as both Byrne and Wiig show their own insecurities in mind-numbingly embarrassing and uproarious ways. Credit should go to the terrific script and of course, really talented actors.

If you think this sounds much too deep, don’t worry, the hilarity is in abundance. Whether it is the fear of food poisoning before a fitting, or the strangest (and cuddliest) bridal shower gifts ever, the humor is outrageous and delightfully played. You could call this a “chick flick,” but Bridesmaids is so far beyond the “he said, she said” garbage that it should attract anybody looking for this massively entertaining comedy. Bridesmaids is easily one of the most engaging films of the year.

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