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Fired Up
7 10

Plot: Two horny high-schoolers, Shawn (Nicholas D'Agosto) & Nick (Eric Christian Olson) skip out on football camp, opting to enroll in cheerleading camp- where they figure they'll be able to score with dozens of available cheerleaders.

Review: FIRED UP feels like it should have been made about ten years ago, when teen flicks were more in vogue. Nowadays, the only teen flicks that make money are horror flicks, or bubble gum pop Disney filler like HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. FIRED UP is more in the tradition of something like AMERICAN PIE, although due to the PG-13 rating, it's a lot tamer. Basically, it's a T&A flick without the T&A. Imagine a raunchy BRING IT ON (which gets a shout out), and you've pretty much got it.

What makes FIRED UP stand out somewhat (other than the legions of hot cheerleaders) are the performances from D'Agosto & Olson. Despite the fact that they each look AT LEAST ten years too old to be in high school (D'Agosto is 28, Olson is 32!), their chemistry is so good, that you immediately forget the age issue. Olson in particular seems like a star just waiting to breakout. While he's probably a little long in the tooth to continue playing teens, he's a good fit in a raunchy comedy like this. If he lands the right role, I have a feeling he might hit it big.

As for D'Agosto- he's pretty much the straight man to Olson, but he does well in the role, and is a better fit here than he was on HEROES (where he played Hayden Panettiere's somewhat lame flying boyfriend). I should also mention the drool worthy Sarah Roemer as the obligatory love interest. Mere words cannot describe how unbelievably hot she is- although sadly, she doesn't show off her amazing body here as much as she did in DISTURBIA (filmmakers- would it have killed you to put in one bikini scene!!!!).

The rest of the supporting cast is pretty good, with Molly Sims from LAS VEGAS showing up as the obligatory hot older woman. One of my favorites, John Michael Higgins, shows up as the flamboyant cheer coach- but he's a bit too over the top here, and is better when he's a little more deadpan, like his famous turn on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT as Wayne Jarvis-attorney- at- law ("I shall hide behind the couch"), or in a Christopher Guest film (he killed in BEST IN SHOW). AnnaLynne McCord from 90210 & NIP/TUCK also shows up, once again playing a total bitch- which I must say, she does very well. Phillip Baker Hall (probably cashing one hell of a paycheck) also pops up in a cameo as the foul-mouthed football coach.

While it doesn't really break any new ground in the realm of teen comedy, and certainly isn't side-splitting funny, it's still a pretty pleasant way to spend ninety minutes, and good for a few belly laughs. Considering there's not all that much coming out in the next few weeks (until WATCHMEN of course), it's probably worth checking out. Otherwise, wait for the inevitable unrated DVD.

Grade: 7/10

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