Ridley Scott says there will be no aliens in Prometheus

Ridley Scott has been saying for some time that PROMETHEUS will have the DNA of the very first Alien film but that's a deliberately vague statement that's not helping us clear up the confusion about the supposed ALIEN prequel. But Scott talked to Filmophilia and did clarify a few things...

We won't be seeing any xenomorphs in the film - Says Scott, "No. Absolutely not....no way am I going back there." It seemed obvious we wouldn't see them throughout the majority of the movie but there was some speculation that right at the end, we'd see an alien and that's how it would tie into the first film. But I guess the tie-in will be more abstract than that.

HR Giger did some design work for the film - Giger's participation was never clear and most had assumed he had just given his blessing to the project (much in the way James Cameron does for TERMINATOR films). But Scott says that Giger did in fact work with the production. "He’s been doing some murals, big murals, which we’ll see in almost one of the first chambers we encounter..."

The film takes place at the beginning of time - Or at least our space team travels back to the beginning of time. Says Scott: "Whenever you’re talking about science-fiction, [the beginning of time] always sounds pretentious or corny...But I think we’ve got it right. So, it will be a pretty good beginning of time."

It's a pretty expansive interview, especially for a film that doesn't come out until next summer. For more on the film, read the full interview here.

Source: Filmophilia



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