Rita Repulsa plots in the background in new Power Rangers poster

Next month will see the Power Rangers get back into morphin’ mode in POWER RANGERS, and so far response to footage has been positive. The grounded take on the characters promises to also be silly fun with Elizabeth Banks looking to stretch her villain muscle as Rita Repulsa. In addition to action-centered official poster we got not too long ago we now have a new one with Repulsa, hero-glances and fists in all different directions, courtesy of Empire.

Take a look at everyone across the night sky!

This poster looks more in line with what I was expecting the “main” poster to look like. The last one was pretty cool too, I guess, featuring all the characters and their Zords charging at…rock monsters, I wanna say. I’m still not totally sold on the movie, even though I’m more likely to see it now more than before thanks to that neat little trailer we got a week or so ago. It would have to be pretty god awful to not be at least fun, so here’s to hoping it’s not god awful. Is that really the bar I’m setting for things in my life?

POWER RANGERS arrives March 24.

Source: EmpireLionsgate



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