Rooney Mara in talks for David Fincher's HBO series Utopia

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Although production has halted on David Fincher's HBO comedy series Videosynchrazy, there's been some movement on his Utopia remake for the network. The Wrap's Jeff Sneider has tweeted that Fincher's THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO actress Rooney Mara is in talks to star in the planned HBO drama series, however there's no details on which character she might play. There's also no word on when production may start, but since casting seems to have begun for the series, there could be an announcement in the upcoming weeks.

David Fincher will direct the first season of Utopia, and GONE GIRL author Gillian Flynn is writing the scripts. The original British series premiered on Channel 4 in 2013.

Synopsis for the U.K. series:

After a group of people, who meet online, discover a bizarre graphic novel which seems to hold mysterious answers, they find themselves being tracked down by a merciless organization known merely as 'The Network'.

I've heard fantastic things about Channel 4's Utopia, but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to check it out yet. An American adaptation does sound like the perfect type of project for Fincher though, and hopefully he doesn't run into any issues like he has with Videosynchrazy.

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