Rooney Mara joins Joe Wright's Pan as Native American princess Tiger Lily

Joe Wright's Peter Pan origin film is getting more talented with each new casting announcement. Aside from the already cast Garrett Hedlund and Hugh Jackman as Captain Hook and Blackbeard respectively, the cast now has their first female member in Rooney Mara. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mara will play Indian princess Tiger Lily.

While Mara is clearly not Native American, we do not know how the revamped origin in PAN will play out since the title character has yet to be cast and seems to be more of a supporting role. Hedlund's Hook will be the primary character with expectations being that Peter Pan will be more central in subsequent films. Casting is still looking for a boy between 10-12 to play Peter.

Rooney Mara has definitely shown she has acting chops in films like SIDE EFFECTS and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. It remains to be seen just how kid-friendly PAN is going to be or if Joe Wright and company are planning a more adult adventure. Whatever the case, I am looking forward to seeing Mara in warrior princess mode rather than pre-teen mode as Tiger Lily was in the Disney film.

PAN hits theaters on July 17, 2015.




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