Rumor: Potential details revealing Star Wars 7 villains

This story has the potential to turn out to be nothing but dreck before the night is over, so you will humor me anyways right? Good, settled. It's an interesting rumor regarding STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, and until we are given an official synopsis for the movie, don't take any speculation too seriously. The folks at MakingStarWars have some information they believe to be from actual STAR WARS insiders when it comes to the villains in the new STAR WARS movie.

MakingStarWars offers the following disclaimer:

This is simply what we are hearing from people that have proven to us that are from Pinewood. I don’t want anyone to get their hopes up or down for that matter. But let it be known, this is what we are heard in the last two weeks and it could be accurate or inaccurate.

So if it turns out to be true, you can’t say I didn’t warn you with this nifty image:

The production of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is referring to the villains as Jedi Hunters who are dressed in black, use lightsabers, and hunt Jedi (go figure). It also says they are not necessarily Sith but don’t like the Jedi. They have foot soldiers looking like Storm Troopers, but in black and chrome armor. The Jedi Hunters have been around for a long time and were tasked with protecting the Sith and once the Sith were destroyed, they began to rise up and disturb the growth of the Jedi.

This source says Luke Skywalker has been fighting to stop this for the last thirty years of his life, but he is outnumbered, tired, and needs some help. One scene that was reportedly filmed includes the Jedi Hunters worshiping the Sith. The rumor is their goal is to resurrect at Sith and will succeed at the end of Episode VIII, which will then lead to the conflict in Episodes IX.

So it could be fan fiction, it could be a dream someone had and decided to report about. It sounds like someone really likes STAR WARS REBELS if you ask me. This would be a great way to make a tight trilogy though, let’s hope J.J. Abram and friends have something as cool or better in mind.

What do you think about all of the STAR WARS: EPISODE VII rumors, do you have a cool one?

Source: MakingStarWars



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