Ryan Gosling replacing Luke Evans in Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives

Nicolas Winding Refn (DRIVE, BRONSON) and Ryan Gosling (DRIVE, BLUE VALENTINE) are fast becoming a creative power couple! The two have been basking in the warmth of DRIVE love since its very well-received showing at Cannes (the film was nominated for the Palm d'Or while Refn won Best Director), and the duo will be teaming up for the LOGAN'S RUN remake a little down the line as well.

Now, the good folks at Twitch are reporting (and Variety confirms) that Gosling will be coming aboard Refn's indie thriller ONLY GOD FORGIVES, replacing the previously cast Luke Evans who had to drop out due to his commitment to THE HOBBIT. Here's the film's synopsis from Twitch:

"Julian is on the run from the British police. He runs a Thai Boxing club in Bangkok which is a front for a drugs smuggling operation. He is well respected within the criminal underworld, but deep in his heart he feels that his life is lacking something. He meets a retired cop, The Angel of Vengeance, and finds out that he has to confront his mother."

ONLY GOD FORGIVES, also starring Kristen Scott Thomas, will begin shooting in November and be released sometime in 2012.
Extra Tidbit: DRIVE seriously looks so f*cking good.
Source: Twitch



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