Ryan Reynolds leaves Summit Entertainment's Highlander reboot


It's a little ironic that the famous quote from HIGHLANDER is "There can only be one" and there's...well no one attached to Summit's planned reboot. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo exited the project back in November and now TheWrap has learned that star Ryan Reynolds has also left.

However there might be a silver lining to this for fans of the franchise that do want a reboot. A knowledgable source has told TheWrap that without Reynolds a new director might be interested in the project since they'll be able to cast a new lead.

I wasn't very keen on Ryan Reynolds as Connor MacLeod in the first place to be honest. I'm not a Ryan Reynolds hater at all but I just don't think he fits well with this type of series, even though it is a reboot which means there's a chance the look and tone could be completely different from the original. 

A reboot of HIGHLANDER might not be dead but it's definitely on life support. The project has already had a very bumpy history and I wonder why it seems to be so difficult to get MacLeod back on the big screen. I don't think Summit will pull the plug on HIGHLANDER but it's probably going to be awhile before we see a new film from the franchise.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you want to play Connor MacLeod? I think it might be better if a big name is cast as the villain and someone lesser known plays MacLeod. Thoughts?
Source: TheWrap



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