Scarlett Johansson says there were up to 32 Avengers on set at one time

I can't wait for the upcoming AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR film! This is a culmination of ten years of (admittedly less than meticulous) planning from the MCU - from the very first after-credits sequence in IRON MAN, to now. And in that time, the cast grew exponentially. The original AVENGERS crew was only six-people deep, and now the roster is up to over sixty!

And, according to Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) in an interview with Stephen Colbert on the LATE SHOW:

I think in one particular scene, there’s like 32 of us, there’s a lot. There’s so many of us I don’t even know who’s a Marvel character and who’s a crew member, honestly.

That's awesome! We've never really seen anything like that in a superhero film before (even the airport fight in CIVIL WAR - while super impressive - wasn't close to that massive). The question, obviously, is will the story be stretched too thin? Will the characters and emotional beats be lost in the spectacle? Those are all valid questions. However, I'm too excited about hearing that thirty-plus heroes are going to be battling shit in one frame to care about that right now!

Meanwhile, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR will hit theaters May 4th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: How much you wanna bet Hulk and Groot are gonna throw down at one point?



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