Skull Island moving to Warner Bros. to set up Godzilla vs King Kong

Setting the stage for yet another franchise universe, Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull will be moving KONG: SKULL ISLAND from Universal over to Warner Bros. Why is this being done you might ask, well Deadline's sources tell them that this is being done to unite the property with Legendary's other giant monster who already has a home at Warner Bros., GODZILLA. That's right, it's finally time for the two famous monsters to face off.

The deal hasn't been finalized yet but things are moving very quickly with the plan being that a potential Godzilla vs. King Kong film would follow KONG: SKULL ISLAND and the upcoming GODZILLA sequel. A King Kong/Godzilla cross-over seems only natural as it's something that many of us, including myself, would love to see; so even if this particular deal doesn't pan out I'd imagine that it would come to fruition a little further down the road.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND is still scheduled for a March 10, 2017 release and follows "a team of explorers who venture into the mysterious, creature-laden isle that is also the home of the king of the apes." The sequel to GODZILLA will follow on June 8, 2018, and screenwriter Max Borenstein recently promised that it would be "bigger and better."

Source: Deadline



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