Sony insists on doing a Venom franchise once again, now without Spider-Man

Just when you thought Sony Pictures was starting to figure things out with the one comic book/superhero franchise they have under their control, they go right back to insisting they're going to do something with Venom and totally make you question everything that's going on.

Following their arrangement with Marvel Studios that is set to effectively reboot Spider-Man on the fly, entering him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe while setting the stage for him to have a web-slinging franchise on the up and up, Sony is resurrecting plans for a VENOM franchise. They have hired Dante Harper, who did rewrite work on EDGE OF TOMORROW and penned the screenplay for the upcoming Jamie Foxx film SLEEPLESS NIGHT, to start writing this property which is seen as a separate entity from their plans for Spider-Man.

Yep, you read that correctly... VENOM is going to be unrelated to SPIDER-MAN. Some people never learn.

Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, who ushered in the earlier versions of the Spidey franchise and were left behind in the dust once the Marvel deal was made, will be producing and overseeing VENOM. If that's not cause for concern given the direction SPIDER-MAN films went under their watch, then I don't know what is.

It's clear there has been a raging hard-on for VENOM for a number of years, dating back to his inclusion in Raimi's last Spidey flick even though the director wasn't a fan of the character. And now is apparently the time someone over at Sony is going to make something Venom happen at some point in their lives or so help them God... and it doesn't matter if the symbiote's arch-nemesis is not involved.

Go ahead and start worrying, comic fans. I'd say this is one of those rare occasions where all the evidence favors your cause.



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