Sony is moving forward with the sequel to Salt

Angelina Jolie should be happy. She welcomed a sequel for SALT and now Sony is moving forward with the project.

Kurt Wimmer has already started writing the script. The first film had Evelyn Salt (Jolie) running for her life after being outed as a Russian spy. The ending even set its self up for a sequel.

Phillip Noyce declined to do another film and Jolie said she would only be back if everything came together right. This is what the actress said last year on the possibility of a sequel during the London premiere of the film, "I hope so, for everybody — if they want to see more of Salt. I love doing action. I love to punch things, jump off things and shoot, so I'm lucky I got the job."

The question is: do movie fans want it? The mainstream audience seemed to enjoy it but the revenue wasn't as big here in the States as it was overseas. Here the film made $118 million while internationally it made $300 million.

Would you be willing to see the SALT sequel?

Source: DeadlineMTV



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