Sony removes Uncharted movie from release schedule

Anyone excited for the UNCHARTED movie? Good, then prepare to be like a kid expecting his father to show up at his birthday party—disappointed. The much-desired film adaptation of the successful video game franchise has hit the brakes once again with no idea of when it will get going again.

Coming Soon has learned that the film, set to be written by Joe Carnahan and released June 30, 2017, has been pulled from Sony’s release schedule with no new date in its place.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone longing for a movie based on the hit game, but has seen its production fraught with peril at every turn. A big reason why the movie could’ve been taken off the schedule is because Carnahan was also picked to helm the new BAD BOYS movie set for early 2018. Looks like he has a commitment to put BAD BOYS first, on top of the fact that the studio has yet to hire a director, actors, etc. Did anyone really think that in less than a year that they could get the movie cast, prepped, shot, edited and released into theaters? Silly people.

But just because the movie is off their schedule doesn’t mean the movie is exactly dead. The studio probably realized how foolhardy it was to try and get the movie done by next summer, so they’re probably just pushing it back to an unspecified date, perhaps to mid-late 2018. Carnahan recently took to Twitter to express his happiness with how the script is coming, so at the very least, there’s hope it’s coming along:

That’s all well and good, but the movie still needs a director, cast, finished script and, now, a release date. Frankly, given how cinematic the games are, a movie version isn’t exactly a huge necessity. So if they never make a movie I wouldn’t be an inconsolable mess, but at this point I say shit or get off the pot.

Source: Coming Soon



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