Spider-Man: Far From Home set pics reveal look at Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio

Despite the fact Spider-Man is very much dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character’s new solo movie, SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, is deep into production. This time around he will be facing off against the classic villain Quentin Beck/Mysterio, the dome-headed baddie with a knack for special effects. The always amazing Jake Gyllenhaal is bringing the character to life, and in some set pictures and a video, you can get a look at him in costume. Sadly, there is no fishbowl in sight.

The movie was shooting in Liberec, a city in the Czech Republic, and during what looks like a particularly explosive scene someone got a few snaps of Gyllenhaal in costume, along with a video showing some G-Men-looking types rolling into action. That or Mysterio has groupies in this movie, which is understandable.

You don’t need hi-res images to see he looks a bit different here than in the comics. In the pages, the character sports a big bowl on his head, with a green cloak and purple cape. Here, he's wearing some sort of gold chest armor and maroon cape, looking more like someone from Asgard, especially taking into account the bearded face with the lack of a bowl covering it. Perhaps this is some sort of pre-costume before donning something else, but either way, he has a theatrical look about him that accurately reflects the character. 

The new movie finds Peter Parker (Tom Holland) – somehow resurrected after dying in INFINITY WAR – traveling across Europe on a school trip, and along the way, he encounters the threat that is Mysterio. The movie has been shooting across Europe for the last few months, and it will probably be a very long time before we see any official looks or footage. In fact, it would be dumb to release anything until a few months into 2019, so set images like this are the best we are likely to get for some time. Drink it all in folks…perhaps out of a fishbowl.

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME arrives July 5, 2019.

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